Rick's Associations


Mike Bordin - Faith No More, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Fun Addicts...with Rick
Leonard Haze - Y&T, Da Statix...with Rick
Joey Alves - Y&T, Da Statix...with Rick
David Nelson - Fleshtones, Iggy Pop, Times 5...with Rick
Timmy Spence - Big Bang Beat, Times 5...with Rick
Walter Jachec - Fleshtones, Iggy Pop, Cowabunga, Times 5...with Rick
Mike Tringali - T.C. Led, Bomb Squad, Dix, Red Di, Street Punks...with Rick
Chinga Chavin - Country Porn, Chavin...with Rick
Johnny Erokan - Country Porn, Chavin...with Rick
Jay David - Doctor Hook and the Medicine Show, Brenda Lee, Dan Hicks, David Crosby, Ben E. King, Isley Brothers, Country Porn, Chavin...with Rick
Bob Bernard - Language Arts...with Rick
John Bryant - Fun Addicts...with Rick
Debra Knox - Debra Knox Band, Fun Addicts...with Rick
Shigemi Komiyama - Meshugga Beach Party, Fun Addicts...with Rick
Ray Nalezny - Del Rays...with Rick
Benny La Barge - Jetts, Belgium...with Rick
David Wallace - Magi, Elephant Gun, The Hoof Beats, Times 5...with Rick
Mary Monday - Mary Monday, Mary Monday and Bitches...with Rick
Tony Lourenco - T.C. Led, Bomb Squad, Mary Monday and Bitches, Street Punks......with Rick
Don Lamb - Cornerstone, Mary Monday and Bitches, Street Punks......with Rick
Kenny Cimino - T.C. Led, Cornerstone, Mary Monday and Bitches, Street Punks......with Rick

Studio Collaborations

Billy Carmassi - Sammy Hagar
Randy Nichols - Eddie Money
Ken Kessie - En Vogue, Tony Toni Tone, Celine Dion, Tower Of Power
Maureen Droney - Mix Magazine, Larry Graham, Patti Austin, Tower Of Power
Jimmy Mathews - Rock Island
M Julien Morris - The Soft
Larry Carter - Romeo Void
Jim Keylor - Army Street Studios
Wade Worthington - Faith No Man
Ronald Metoyer
James Perley - Hanzoff

Bands/Artists Clare has opened for...

The Damned
Wreckless Eric
The Romantics
Greg Kihn Band
Eddie Money
The Rubinoos
Carlene Carter
David Lindley
The Plimsouls
The Call
Paul Collins Beat
Pearl Harbour and the Explosions

Rick's Production/Engineering Credits

Social Unrest
Street Punks
Times 5
Language Arts
Clare & M Julien Morris
Karl Leiker-Larry Carter


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