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Michael Jang Photo Shoot Old Waldorf, S.F. Michael Jang Photo Shoot Berkeley Square, Berkeley, CA
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David Wallace was the leader and primary songwriter for Times 5. David was raised in the East Bay town of Hayward, but soon relocated to San Francisco in the late-1970s. David is retired and lives in San Francisco.
David Nelson provided guitar, vocals, and lyrical contributions to many of David Wallace's unfinished compositions. An accomplished songwriter himself, David Nelson was a founding member of the popular S.F. Bay Area band, the Fleshtones. David is retired and lives in Walnut Creek, CA.
The Philadelphia native and classically trained pianist, Timmy Spence gave Times 5 its signature sound with his brilliant Farfisa organ melodies. Timmy's mathematical-like structured arpeggios were many times copied, but never duplicated by other local keyboard players on the scene. Timmy is a chemistry/math teacher and lives in Florida.
Walt Jachec was recruited to play drums by his childhood friend, David Nelson. Walt, also formerly of the Fleshtones, was by far the best rock drummer on the scene, with a unique style that resembled the Who's Keith Moon, as well studio musician, Jim Keltner. Walt's quiet and gentlemanly calm demeanor was somehow magically transformed once he sat down behind his drums.
Rick Clare was a member of the first East Bay punk band the Street Punks. Record executive, Howie Klein wrote, "this hard rocking quartet packs the dynamic punch of true rockers like AC/DC or the early Stones, with a bona fide 1977 approach to the art". While having some success with previous bands, Rick jumped at the chance to play with David Wallace and David Nelson. Rick is a retired software developer and lives in Danville, CA.
David Peterson owned and operated his candy store, City Sweets, in the heart of San Francisco. Working the phones and making valuable contacts, David kept the band busy playing clubs, recording, doing photo shoots and making videos. David made numerous unselfish sacrifices, monetarily, and with his own time, in an effort to see that Times 5 succeeded in making a difference. Without the efforts of David Peterson, it is doubtful the band could have gone as far as it did, in such a short time. David is retired and lives in Walnut Creek, CA.

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